Explanation of the different common techniques for hacking wordpress sites

Your site is created, set up and ready for action! Everything looks perfect in the best of worlds. But you realize a little something, the protection of your wordpress site is not very clear or worse, not set up. So that you are aware of the different techniques that could be the reason for the hacking of your website, here is a top X of the different common hacking techniques of wordpress websites!

1 - Infested plug-ins

During the customization of your wordpress site, you certainly had to use plug-ins, no matter what their function. Well, caution is called for! Reports have proven that some hackers were using weak plug-ins for protection to drag scripts onto your site. As a result, it is possible for them to create fake admin accounts to manage your site the way they want or to create fake pop-ups to trick your visitors. Rivarum will help you make the right choice among all these plug-ins.

2 - Administrator access

Now we're going to talk specifically about a human deficiency. Hackers will use a method called "brute force". This supposedly simple way of doing things: trying pairs of user names and passwords. Hackers can do it manually (which can take them some time, we'll admit) or automatically using robots that try several possible combinations. These are very effective techniques when the password is weak, so be careful and remember to limit the number of attempts to log in!

3 - Unsecured files

Files that aren't secure, it's an open door for hackers to get what they want. The files that should be secured first are "wp-config.php" and ".htaccess". They are extremely important and the path to many features. Rivarum takes these threats very seriously and does what it takes to avoid them.

4 - Updating your site

In what you can achieve, update your extensions and your wordpress site as soon as the new update comes out. Hackers can go through old versions with still active and known flaws. So remember to update all these beautiful people!

Little advice: Hide your Wordpress version number thanks to readme.html. Hackers can easily know how to hack your site depending on your version.