Our Expansion : our expansion Maroc was founded in 2017 by Mehdi Moussouli and Youssef Soulaim and a team of under 10 developers. Over the span of two years and through the hard work of everyone involved, the company managed to quadruple in size with our ever-growing operations with multiple partners in different countries all over the world.

In our first year, we worked with our mother company located in Switzerland,, working directly with clients on different projects: app and software development and design mainly. Through a lot of planning ahead and the will to grow and evolve, we ventured into outsourcing which was very challenging at first, it still is, but it got easier with time as we gained more and more momentum.

Our activities keep growing and expanding everyday thanks to the collective effort of our leadership and team of consultants. Currently, we have two departments: offshoring and outsourcing, each with multiple sub-departments: development, graphic design, digital marketing, client support, etc, with over 40 team members doing their absolute best to deliver the best product possible.