Who is the chicken and the egg between UI and UX Design?

Bouteilles de ketchup pour comparer l'UI et l'UX Design


How do UI and UX Design interact?

Let’s start with the basics. UX stands for User eXperience and UI stands for User Interface. Now that this is established, we can see what these terms clearly mean and how they work.

First of all, it’s not a choice between UX and UI, you have to know how to handle both. Now we come to the why. Why use UX and UI? Because it’s all about putting the user at the centre so that they can achieve their goal (whether it’s a purchase, a search for information, etc.). When the user arrives on the site, he must have a real experience (hence the name User eXperience).

Our design department is used to bringing this experience to life through all the sites it designs and creates

UX is a whole, and in this whole we find the UI.

he UI is the interface (again, hence the name User Interface) between man and machine. It’s what the user will experience while on the site, visually. It is everything that concerns the organisation of content and design. No UI means no pretty site. The result? The user doesn’t feel comfortable and it can interfere with the purpose mentioned above.

Well, let’s say the UI is up and running. You’ve got a nice, polished interface, but it’s a pretty package with no content. So it’s time for the UX (which in a way has already started with the UI, it’s the beginning of the experience).

Imagine a graphically beautiful but impractical website. You can’t find the information or the product you are looking for. Take the famous example of the ketchup bottle! The glass version of the bottle looks great and is on all the ads. However, it is the plastic “guitar” version that people buy to simplify their lives and especially to avoid getting it everywhere!

All this design is nice, but it’s not very useful, which is where the UX comes in. And this applies to many things. Think of the UI as the product itself and the UX as how to use the product. It needs to be natural and simple, like an easy opening on a milk carton.


These are elements that knows and takes into account in the whole process of website creation. So don’t wait any longer and discover our UI/UX design service for web and mobile!

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