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Our talents assist you to succeed in your most ambitions digital projects.

Meet our talents

Our talents have only one goal: achieve yours

Businesses succeed when they create successful connections. Our talent’s mission is to deliver it.

For over 10 years, our passion and unique digital expertise have driven us to complete over 300 projects. At Pulse.digital, our 120 employees are at the cutting edge of technology and innovative ideas. We stay ahead of trends and have developed a unique expertise and know-how by. We look forward to turning your ideas into outstanding design.

Complex challenges don’t always require complicated solutions. We keep our process simple and clear, offering tailored connections to a deep talent pool, be it through our academy or agency platform. Once we’ve understood your needs, we handpick the best talents for the job and then work with them to ensure strategic and metric accuracy.

Our full value chain from digital strategies, education, high-accuracy hiring, security and talent management enables us to facilitate all your digital challenges on the long-term, as we truly believe that the real potential of a collaboration is unleashed when we regard it as a partnerships.

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Our services are adapted to your needs

Our areas of expertise


Commerce Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Sales Cloud
Salesforce Admin


.NET, C#, SQL Server
Microsoft Azure
Dynamics 365, SharePoint
Power Apps, Power BI
MS Center of Excellence

Java & Opensource

Java, Python, PHP, RoR
JavaScript, Angular, React
VueJS, NodeJS
Mobile iOS, Android, Xamarin

Managed Services

DevOps / CI/CD
Infrastructure Support
Cloud AWS, Azure
Database Administration
Performance Engineering

QA & Testing

Manual, Automation
Automation Frameworks
QA Center of Excellence


WordPress, Drupal
Joomla, PrestaShop
And others

Digital Marketing

Social Media
Marketing Automation

Web Design

UX Design
UI Design

How does it work?

1. Recruitment kick-off

You have a challenge to overcome and we have solutions. Find your dedicated talent among our ecosystem of digital experts to suit your project.

2. Set up an interview with him

Meet our talent and make your own assessment of his technical skills.

3. Hire him

Build your web team composed of one or more digital experts.

4. Monitor and evaluate

Work directly with your dedicated web team and evaluate their skills throughout the process.

Create your own digital success story

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The companies who trust us

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Hire a Talent

Please provide us with your contact details and tell us about your project, we will be delighted to produce you with a qualified and fitted workforce!

The benefits gained from working with PULSE.digital

Long term employees

You have the opportunity to work with talents on a long-term basis, according to your needs.

Low talent turnover

Talent turnover is low which means we benefit from a high retention of all our employees and that turnover, when it does occur, remains rare.

Only full-time employees

We do not offer freelancers. Each talent has previously been headhunted to join our ecosystem of experts in order to offer tailored connections to strategically cater to your needs.

Collaboration follow-up

As well as providing direct endorsements, we offer professional monitoring of employees to ensure their productivity at work and their well-being.

Remote staff dedicated to your project

Benefit from talents that share your company’s values while conducting their work remotely.

Talents handpicked

We strive to recruit and present you with the most competent experts in each field of activity and in line with current market technologies.

Short process to find new talent

Thanks to our extensive talent catalog, we can cater to your needs through handpicked talents qualified in their fields of activity in a short period of time so you never place any projects or business operations on hold.

White label

We present you with talents who will become part of your team and will share your companies values.

Your contacts

Meet the managing team who will be dealing with you directly throughout the talent recruitment process.
ceo pulse digital mehdi moussouli


Director & Founder

Deputy director pulse.digital killian alewa

ALEWA Killian

Deputy Director

Photo de Rémy Berrebi de PULSE.digital


Chief Technical Officer


Digital Project Manager

Photo de Jules Burcez de PULSE.digital


Digital Marketing Project Manager

art director pulse digital david shupbach


Art Director

Technical director Michael Vergoz pulse digital

VERGOZ Michael

Technical Director

junior digital marketing project manager Nathan Martin pulse digital


Junior Digital Marketing Project Manager

Frequently asked questions about hiring talents

What is the estimated cost?

A junior developer’s hourly rate may start at CHF 20, depending on the technology stack and his location. Prices then rise accordingly to scarcity and market demand. Our margins are fixed and we do not earn more with a senior than a junior! Potential price increases are always linked to the employees  formal request for a salary increase. 

May I replace my talent?

If you are experiencing any difficulties with a specific talent, we will set up a replacement. We’ll present you with similar profiles and do everything we can to speed up the replacement process.

What is the minimum commitment period?

Minimum period of engagement is 3 months.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

There are many advantages to outsourcing. First and foremost, outsourcing allows a company to focus solely on its core business. Entrusting the companies digital scope to experts brings real added value to future-proof your success. Finally, outsourcing provides a view and control over the costs of the service. In addition to being precise and adapted to needs, outsourcing represents a cost reduction policy for companies.

How long does the recruitment process take?

The recruitment process takes an average of 20 days, depending on your needs and the availability of our talent.

Can I meet the talents I work with?

It is possible to meet our talents from Switzerland, Morocco and Senegal. For instance, we have previously organised for clients to bring in talents for company outings.

What are the collaboration tools?

We mainly use Microsoft Teams and Outlook for quick communication. As far as development tools are concerned, we use Github and Gitlab.