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Creation of a tailor-made tool for monitoring patients with chronic pain


In 2014, Dr. Perruchoud, Chief Physician in the Department of Anaesthesia, Analgesia and Neuromodulation at EHC decided to entrust our agency with the development - in the form of an application - of postoperative follow-up.

His need was partly known, since a desktop application had been developed before our intervention by a doctor (the expert in the field).

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After several workshops with Dr. Perruchoud and his team, we reviewed the needs of the different stakeholders in order to create a sound logical architecture, scrupulously respecting each step of the work around the patient.

We were fortunate enough to receive valuable information outside the Morges hospital, thanks to the people we interviewed during our analysis phase. For example, several users said they had difficulty inserting the information into their software. This meant that they sometimes missed a correct entry - for example, in relation to allergies - because it took too long.


Medical informatics must help patients, which is why we are putting all the necessary energy into making software user-friendly. Thus, the data inserted are more numerous, correct and will really be able to help in the decision making process.

Once the architecture phase was completed, we worked on the design of the LIFE application. This stage is key, because users must understand and know how to use the software correctly as quickly as possible. We put all the energy into thinking about ergonomics, colour coding and response times that will also work for other departments in the hospital.

A pragmatic approach to business processes combined with good application ergonomics will save time for the medical staff, as well as valuable information on operational activities. This is a win-win situation for all stakeholders! For example, operational teams will be able to work more efficiently, patients will receive better care and the hospital management will see its costs under control. 

Let's look at another important aspect of such an implementation: costs. To meet the needs of the analgesia team, we have created an application that addresses their business issues in less than 30 to 50 days.

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