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mock-up mobile app migros vaud


Migros Vaud contacted us to set up a competition for their 75th anniversary. The idea was to offer a new digital experience in the form of a mobile application. Beyond the advantages that Migros Vaud wanted to bring to its customers, through this application, it also wanted its visitors to enjoy a didactic and playful experience. At the same time, it was important for the team to be able to monitor the results through a complete dashboard.

mock-up mobile app migros vaud
mock-up mobile app migros vaud
mock-up mobile app migros vaud

Experience design

To get off to a solid start, we held a one-day workshop to determine what this mobile application needed to accomplish, including the Migros Cooperative’s critical product requirements. We used a variety of exercises to understand our audience and their goals and to develop a UX strategy that would meet the needs of app users. It was agreed that the application would be in a quiz format. This form allowed for gamification of the distribution of vouchers and rewards. The application needed to allow for user management and contain a points system so that users could accumulate rewards. The wireframes allowed us to transpose our findings onto the screens needed to ensure the user’s journey from login to redeeming their vouchers in Migros shops.

mock-up mobile app wirerame migros vaud mock-up mobile app design migros vaud
mock-up mobile app migros vaud
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