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AC2H is the expert for the periodic inspection and inspection of pressure receptacles (Simply put, all cylinders containing a gas under pressure). AC2H also offers non-destructive testing in penetrant testing (PT), ultrasonic (UT) and thickness measurement, magnetic particle (MT) and direct and indirect visual inspection (VT) methods.

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AC2H mandated us to improve their visibility and make known their services, more specifically, their services related to non-destructive testing.



For their new service, AC2H entrusted us with the creation and optimization of their site so that it is above all SEO oriented. First step: reserve an equivocal domain name:

Then comes the phase of optimizing texts and images to ensure a natural top ranking. For the texts we have used specific and precise terms that directly relate to non-destructive testing. For the images, we have optimized them and added alternative texts so that the Google algorithm understands their usefulness on our site.

A SEA strategy has also been integrally thought out with Google Ads. Given the geogrphic localization and the niche market of NDT, the site was also translated into English in order to reach a wider target audience for AC2H.

Thanks to our work, AC2H saw its site propelled in the top 3 Google searches for Non Destructive Testing (NDT).

The return of the competition after a few months: the competition having developed, our ranking on non-destructive testing has lost its effectiveness. We have updated the site to come back in trend. We insisted on the most important keywords and reworked the new texts. Thus, the AC2H site is back in the top 3 of the searches concerning the non-destructive testing Vaud.

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