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Creation of a B2B web platform for Swiss door manufacturing specialists


Founded in 1992 and with more than 20 years of experience in the field, Attanorm is active in the design and manufacture of doors. Manufacturing halfway between industrial carpentry and craft industry. Atta-norm doors are subjected to numerous tests in order to be a quality product and this in the long term to meet expectations and satisfy the customer.


Attanorm mandated us to build a brand new identity, a very dynamic website, allowing them to optimize their B to B sales process, propose an online catalogue while allowing simple and centralized ordering.

Project visuals

In partnership with Giovanni Riva, DA of Noquadri, we have worked on creating a strong, modern image in line with Atta-norm's innovative identity. Giovanni Riva also created all the company's global communication: the catalogue and other communication supports. The site was developed in line with the creative guidelines imagined beforehand in order to offer an innovative site that was reassuring but above all, sales-boosting. The commercial objective was very early on at the heart of UX's preoccupations: to allow Attanorm's customers and prospects to have access to a catalogue that could be fully consulted online and find the product they were looking for in record time. To achieve this, we have developed a complex, yet easy-to-use system of filters to help customers find the right product for their needs and request a quotation. In addition, we are continuously working on the referencing of the site to allow Atta-Norm the best possible visibility and thus attract more customers in a B to B niche market where competition is fierce.

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