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An e-commerce for a christmas tree 2.0 and eco-friendly


You've probably asked yourself, "What do I do with my Christmas tree after the holidays? ”. 

Ecosapin has the answer. 

Ecosapin provides you with your tree before Christmas, but more importantly, offers to take it back and replant it once the holidays are over. Based in Cottens, Ecosapin sells on the Internet a whole range of Christmas trees, with accessories, delivered anywhere in French-speaking Switzerland via their own logistics network.

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From a logistical point of view, and given the space required to store the products, not all items on sale can be stored in the same place. Deliveries must also be staggered over several days. The e-commerce solution developed by therefore includes : 

These three parameters have of course been adapted and optimised according to the customer's order modalities, such as the geographical origin, the order date or the desired delivery slot.

Ecosapin also expressed the need for a sales tunnel to make consumers aware of the various options on offer, such as the accessories available.


The site historically operated on Prestashop technology. We decided to keep this engine and update it to benefit from compatible add-ons. This allowed us to use an advanced stock management technology, available thanks to the new version of the tool. Deliveries could thus be organized according to stock locations. Most of the work was to adapt the sales process to make it a tunnel. 

Prestashop was originally designed as a "free" sales system: just like in a store, the customer moves around and buys what he is interested in. The teams took up this challenge. This is how Ecosapin saw its objectives accomplished, allowing them to reach their consumers exactly as they imagined.

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