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Projet Intern_2020 de Pulse

This is an exciting time for PULSE.Digital. Backed by a track record of 10 years of annual growth between the parent company in Switzerland and the secondary offices in Morocco, we now welcome 30 interns to join the team as part of the Intern_2020 project. This has been a great challenge !

By joining the internship program on different field of technologies, we will be onboarding you quickly to engage in an Agile environment that focuses on high web-development skills , which includes developing features, improving knowledge on emerging technologies in real-time international projects, helping us get closer to continuous integration, improving quality service and most important getting ready for interviews to concretely embark with us and maximize you chances for being recruited alongside of our international collaborators. As an Outsourcing company too , our goal is your success.

You don’t have to be great to start but you definitely should start to be GREAT !