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The functional prototype will allow you to simulate your final website in order to navigate through the pages and their contents. Want an optimized functional prototype?

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What is an animated prototype?

The animated or interactive prototype is a powerful tool in UX design. It provides a dynamic, high-fidelity representation. It is a simulation of your final project.

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What is the purpose of animated prototyping?

It will allow project teams to see and use the future interface without a single line of code. Indeed, this is essential to be able to realize the user paths, the various interactions as well as to test the future interfaces with samples of prospects or users. By animating the graphic mock-ups, it will be much easier to improve and optimise the information and interactions and to have very advanced control in terms of user testing.

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What are the steps for creating an animated prototype?


Every project starts with a meeting! Over a coffee in our offices or during a call with you, our role will be to identify your expectations and needs for the creation of your dynamic website prototype.

Analysis and offer

We analyse your request and make you an offer in line with your needs in order to propose a collaboration.


We offer you a visual mock-up of your project in order to show you the design and get your feedback.

Collection of images and content

We collect your content and illustrations so that we can implement them directly on the prototype.

Functional prototype

We submit the animated prototype with the right textual and visual content.

Touch up session

We are making the final touches according to your comments (if any 🙂 )


We would like to hand over the project to you and wish you every success. We remain at your disposal for a new collaboration in the near future!

What do you need to provide?

  • Graphic chart
  • Storytelling
  • Branding content (logos, typography, colour references)
  • Images to be integrated
  • Textual content if already available
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What deliverables are available to you?

  • An Adobe XD source file ready to use
  • A dose of creativity
  • Up-to-date designs

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Please provide us with your contact details so that we can reply quickly.

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