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What is a Google campaign?

A Google Ads campaign is an advertising campaign carried out on the search engine Google and its partners. It allows you to promote your website on the American giant’s network but also your e-commerce articles, your applications on the dedicated stores or your YouTube videos. The objective of a Google campaign can be varied but is mainly focused on visibility or leads.

Depending on the type of campaign (anchor link to the question below) you choose, your site can appear on Google’s search engine, the 3 million partner sites, Gmail, YouTube, etc.

The use of a Google Ads campaign is not to be neglected, it is a real marketing asset to promote your site, your products or your videos.

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What are the advantages of running a campaign with Google?

There are many advantages to running a campaign with Google Ads. The main one being that it is Google. Its reputation is well established and the company shares its visibility with you. Depending on your keyword and your field of activity, you can find yourself exposed to hundreds of thousands or even millions of users.

Secondly, Google Ads gives you a wide range of promotions. Thus, you are assured that whatever your objective (visibility, leads, sales, etc.), Google will allow you to achieve it. In addition, you have a choice to make your activity known: either to the largest number of people, or to a segmented audience to reach your targets more effectively. A site needs visibility to thrive, Google Ads allows you to do this.

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What are the types of campaign with Google?

Google Ads offers different types of campaigns. The four best known and most used are : Search, Display, Video and Shopping.


The Search campaign (or Search Network) is the one that everyone sees in every Google search. Your ad appears before the natural searches with the little annotation "Ad". You define extensions, an audience, keywords and create ads with titles and descriptions based on these keywords.

After that, it's up to Google to work its magic to make you appear on its search network. Depending on the bids and competition for your keyword, you will end up at the top or bottom of the page. Search is an ideal way to get leads.


The Display campaign appears differently. You will also need an audience and ads, but you will also need to define themes, locations and images. In fact, the Display appears on Google's partners YouTube, Gmail and 3 million sites. These 3 million sites are all sites that are registered and use Google AdSense to allocate advertising space on their domain. These are the spaces that you buy to appear on.

Display is the most effective way to create visibility on your site.


Video, as the name suggests, allows you to promote your videos via the YouTube platform. You provide a YouTube link (which implies that your video must already be uploaded to YouTube) and the form you want to use, you have several choices: Bumpers, Skippables or Non-Skippables.

Bumpers are 6-second ads that users cannot skip and must watch in their entirety. They are ideal for branding a product or brand.

Skippables are videos that are longer than 6 seconds but the user can skip after 5 seconds. This means that you need to grab the target audience's attention during this time so that they watch the entire ad and want to know more.

Non-Skippables are like Skippables, they can last longer than 6 seconds but they can't be passed. This is a risky choice that should not be overdone as the viewer may be unhappy about not accessing their video because of a long ad, further damaging your brand image.


Shopping campaigns are ideal for e-commerce sites that have products to sell. Your products will be highlighted on the search network and the Shopping tab of Google for example. All you need is an image, a description, the price, the name and possibly a reference of the product. The page then redirects to your site with the product page.

What do I need to provide to launch a Google campaign?

The elements you need to provide to launch a Google campaign vary depending on the type of campaign you want to run. The only things that remain the same are the budget and the audience. Here is a non-exhaustive summary of the elements you need to think about:

For a Search campaign :

  • Ads with titles and descriptions
  • Extensions
  • Keywords

For a Display campaign :

  • Image
  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Themes
  • Locations

For a Video campaign :

  • A video on YouTube
  • What shape to choose

For a Shopping campaign :

  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Prices
  • Product name
  • Product reference
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What are the steps to create a Google campaign?

Welcome form to understand your needs

It is necessary to have a website or ideally a landing page (except for the Video campaign where a video on YouTube is sufficient).

Analysis and collaboration offer

We will make you an offer according to the established form in order to propose a collaboration that meets your needs.

Creation of the campaign with the selection of its objective

Creation of the ad group with its audience, extensions, keywords and budget

Creation of the Ad with its titles and descriptions

Launch of the campaign

Analysis of results, reports and adjustments

What deliverables do we make available to you?

  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Regular optimisation
  • Monthly reports
  • Results on your expectations

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What are the deadlines for launching a Google campaign?

The time it takes to launch a Google Ads campaign depends on the campaign itself and the tools already in place (whether Google Tag Manager is already installed on the site, whether the keyword research has already been carried out, etc.). But on the whole, you can count between 3 and 6 hours for a launch.

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How much does a Google campaign cost?

Again, this depends on your needs and the campaign required. Based on a search lead campaign from scratch, here is an estimate: **The creation and optimisation of a Google Ads campaign** costs approximately **CHF 2’160.-** with a classic setting.

Creation of the Google Tag Manager and the conversion action (including Google Analytics)

  • 1h = CHF 120.

Keywords search

  • 2h = CHF 240.

Creation of the entire campaign (with 1 ad group and 1 responsive ad)

  • 3h = CHF 360.

Monthly optimisation of 4 hours per month for 3 months (including reports)

  • 12h = CHF 1’440
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