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There is no need to introduce the professional social network LinkedIn. It is not uncommon to have already seen advertisements from regional companies. We offer to assist you in creating advertising campaigns that will allow your company to increase its visibility and acquire new customers.

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What is a LinkedIn campaign?

It is an advertising campaign carried out on the professional social network LinkedIn. The objective of a LinkedIn campaign can be varied but is mainly focused around brand visibility or lead acquisition.

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What are the benefits of running a campaign with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has one thing that sets it apart from other advertising platforms such as Google Ads (link) or Facebook Ads (link). LinkedIn is a professional network, which means that you will be able to reach professionals in any industry. For a B2B company, LinkedIn Ads is the ideal platform to invest in. LinkedIn’s advertising tool is specifically designed for B2B and therefore makes this social network a unique platform.

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What are the types of campaign with LinkedIn?

The campaign types are similar to those of Facebook Ads but with a new nuance to suit the professional network aspect.

Awareness campaign

Awareness campaigns are mainly for brand awareness and learning about your business in a cost-effective way.

Consideration campaign

Consideration campaigns allow you to push the user to action from LinkedIn. This is where campaigns to interact on a topic, bring visibility to your website or promote your videos are done.

Conversion campaign

Conversion campaigns allow you to direct leads to your business, such as your website, so that the audience can convert from there. It is also possible to generate leads via forms integrated directly into LinkedIn. Finally, the feature that sets it apart from all its competitors is the application campaign, where you can make sponsored posts to find candidates for a job you are looking to promote.

What are the steps to create a LinkedIn campaign?

Welcome form to understand your needs

Analysis and offer of collaboration

We will make you an offer according to the established form in order to propose a collaboration that meets your needs.

Getting started

We take care of the mandate, the access to your LinkedIn page, the visual identity (colours, logo, banners, etc.) and finally your Campaign Manager account.

Creation of the Insight Tag

We create the Insight Tag to allow LinkedIn to capture information received on your website from the social network.

Visuals for advertisements

We create and propose visuals such as illustrations, images or videos to be integrated into your advertisements.

Forms if it is a lead generation campaign

Creation of the campaign

We create the overall campaign by defining the objectives, budget, audience and texts.

Launch of the campaign

Analysis of results, reports and adjustments

What do I need to provide to launch a LinkedIn campaign?

What you need to provide will depend very much on the campaign you need. However, what you will necessarily need is a LinkedIn page to be able to run the ads on it and a Campaign Manager account to manage your campaigns effectively. will of course create this for you if you don’t have one. Depending on the campaign, this is what you may have to provide:

– Awareness campaign
Images or videos

– Consideration campaign
Images or videos

– Conversion campaign
Images or videos

– Product or service information for forms

– Candidate profile for your application campaigns

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What deliverables do we make available to you?

– A LinkedIn page with all the necessary settings
– A Campaign Manager campaign tailored to your needs
– Regular optimisation
– Results on your expectations

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What are the deadlines for launching a LinkedIn campaign?

If the campaign starts from zero as in the example on the part of our creation processes (anchor with a link to the part of the processes), here are the deadlines you can estimate:

– Campaign Manager account – 1h
– Insight Tag for LinkedIn to capture information received on your website from the social network – 1h
– Visuals for advertising (images or videos) – between 2 and 6 hours depending on the complexity or length of the video
– Forms if it is a lead generation campaign – 1h
– The entire campaign with the definition of objectives, budget, audience and texts – 2h

Again, the time frame is project specific but you can expect a launch between 6 and 11 hours. This means that if an offer is validated in the morning, you can have a campaign launched the next day and start getting results straight away!

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How much does a LinkedIn campaign cost?

With the above elements and counting the monthly optimization of 4 hours per month for 3 months, you can estimate the cost of a LinkedIn campaign at about CHF 2’400.-.

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