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Do you have several sites? Opting for a multisite site is the best solution for your web management, as it saves you time and space, which is of great benefit to you. Ready to develop your multisite with WordPress?

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What is a multisite?

A multisite construction allows you to easily and efficiently manage several sites from a single interface. It is a simpler and more optimised management of your websites. Moreover, it is also easier to manage all sub-domains under the same umbrella. Therefore, if you want to have several sites or sub-domains, the right solution for you is to have a multisite.

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Why have a multisite?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a multisite. Here are some examples:

You are a company or organisation with several divisions in your business.

Your company is active internationally, so it must adapt its content and domain name extensions (.ch, .fr, .com, .de, etc.) to each country.

You are looking for better management for your company’s intranet.

Or do you simply have several sites and want to simplify their management? offers you a tailor-made solution in line with your ambition.

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What are the advantages of a multisite?

Time saving

Managing a multisite requires a single CMS installation. This saves a considerable amount of time. Indeed, thanks to a multisite, you will not have to switch from one interface to another to make changes to your websites. Moreover, your time will be greatly optimized in the management of your web projects.

Space and cost saving

Only one hosting is needed, which means more space and, above all, lower costs! Hosting a multi-site costs less than hosting your sites separately.

Simplified updates

Maintenance on the CMS is faster. The various updates to your themes and plugins will need to be done on a single file system so that they can be applied to all your sites.

Why entrust the creation of your multisite to is used to developing and hosting multi-sites without technical problems. Our design process offers full optimisation and customisation.

We also offer maintenance services to ensure that your multisite remains up to date with the latest technology and developments.

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What are the steps to create a multisite?

Kick-off meeting

Every project starts with a meeting to understand your needs and point us in the right direction.

Multisite configuration

We set up your multisite network by creating a link with your current and former websites.

Quality control

Once the development and installation is complete, we review the entire multisite to ensure that everything is working perfectly.

Multisite management

After implementation, we manage your multisite to ensure that no technical problems occur and that your sites are always up to date.

Putting it on line

After a total verification on our side and your validation, we put the multisite online.

Digital marketing

Within our ranks, we have a digital marketing team ready to assist you in developing and launching a digital strategy to ensure the success of your project.

What is the cost of a multisite?

The cost of a multisite depends on many factors such as the number of sites, sub-domains, the number of pages on each website and the functionality present on them. Based on all these elements, we cannot give you an estimate, but we offer you a FREE quote to discuss and analyse how we can help you make it happen.

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What do you need to provide?

Ideally, in order to move forward more quickly with your project, it would be very interesting for us if you could send us a global sitemap.

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What is the timeframe for a multisite?

As already mentioned above, this will depend on the complexity and especially the size of your project. Nevertheless, to give you an idea, it should take from 2 months to put a multisite online.

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