We are fully versed in web design, development and quality control tools and techniques to ensure a customer interface and experience that will generate revenue for your business. Creativity, focus on quality and customer care are in the DNA of

varieties of mock-up about differents website projects made by pulse digital

Create a showcase website with WordPress


Want to work with the WordPress CMS? We master all of it. We can help you create your website with the WordPress CMS.

Paid search – Google campaign

Digital marketing

Understand everything about how to advertise with the world’s most popular tool. We’ll help you achieve your goals whether it’s for visibility, conversion or other.

Facebook Ads – Instagram Ads campaign

Digital marketing

Are you interested in advertising on Facebook or Instagram, but don’t know how to do it? Our social media marketing experts will help you achieve your…

Dynamic website prototype


The functional prototype will allow you to simulate your final site in order to navigate through the pages and their contents. Interested in an optimized functional…

Digital omni-channel campaign

Digital marketing

Have you always dreamed of spreading your brand universally? To harmonise a marketing campaign and make it live everywhere? We will help you build your message,…

LinkedIn Ads campaign

Digital marketing

There is no need to introduce the professional social network; LinkedIn. It is not uncommon to have already seen advertisements by companies in the region, but…

Dynamic prototypes for web & mobile applications


The functional prototype will allow you to simulate your future application in order to navigate through the different menus and their contents. Do you want an…

Website design


Thanks to our creation and production structure, which is unique in French-speaking Switzerland, we can offer you an unprecedented and unmatched quality and speed of work.

Improve your natural referencing – Google

Digital marketing

The visibility of your website is essential for your business. helps you to achieve your digital goals.

UI/UX design for web and mobile


The user experience today, whether on a website, a web or mobile application, is paramount. All aspects related to the organisation of content and the optimisation…

Create a cross platform mobile application (iOS & Android)


Today, mobile applications have become commonplace, whether it is to offer the possibility to buy your products, to present your services or as part of a…

Create a WooCommerce webshop


Your customers need to be able to access your products, whether to buy or compare them. Having an e-commerce sales channel is a fundamental asset in…

Multisite with WordPress


Do you have several sites? Opting for a multisite is the best solution for your web management, as it saves you time and space, which is…

E-commerce website with Shopify


An online shop allows you to sell your products anywhere, anytime. Learn more about Shopify and its capabilities.

E-commerce website with PrestaShop


An online shop allows you to sell your products anywhere, anytime. Discover PrestaShop and its capabilities.

Create a website with Drupal


Looking for a high-end custom website with Drupal? We can help you create your new website or redesign it.

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