Create a cross platform mobile application (iOS & Android)

Today, mobile applications have become commonplace, whether it is to offer the possibility to buy your products, to present your services or as part of a company. Our mobile application experts will be happy to accompany you and put their expertise at your service for your project!

I need an application

What is a mobile application?

A mobile application is a software application developed for a mobile electronic device, such as a cell phone, a smartphone or a touch pad. They are mostly distributed from download platforms such as the App Store, the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store. Each mobile OS has its own programming language, allowing the development of its applications.

Why create a cross platform mobile application?

A cross-platform mobile application is an application that can be found on several application shops such as the App Store or the Play Store. If you want your application to be accessible by all the stores and therefore to the largest number of users, you will want a cross-platform mobile application.

What are the deliverables and timelines?

Through our expertise, we deliver:
A powerful application that brings tangible results
 An enhanced user experience
 Fast and efficient application maintenance
  A minimum of 3 months is required for a complete cross-platform application (UI/UX design, development, testing, quality control, release on all stores).

How much does a cross platform mobile application cost?

The price varies according to the above mentioned elements, as well as maintenance and project management fees. However, a cross platform application has a starting price of CHF 20’000.

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What are the advantages of cross platform mobile applications?

For a cross-platform application, we use programming languages that work for the different OS (iOS, Android, etc.), creating one common code for all the platforms. This allows for a more efficient development and thus a faster release of the application.

The cross-platform application uses native components as opposed to hybrids (which use browsers and web technologies). This allows for a more pleasant user interface and therefore offers an improved user experience.

By choosing a cross-platform application, the performance is similar to native than to hybrid, which contributes to improving its overall conduct.

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