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Why do digital marketing?

Digital marketing offers you the opportunity to create advertising that is cheaper than traditional formats, target your audience very accurately and, above all, obtain a very detailed analyses of your results.

This form of promotion is called marketing 2.0 and is the term used to target your future customers who are surfing the internet, every day. Typical marketing 2.0 tools are Google, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, and they are a great way of making yourself known to these new customers and generate sales quickly.

Stand out from your competitors and become a reference in your field of activity.

Why entrust us with the creation of your digital strategy?

For over 10 years, we have been at the cutting edge of technology and innovative ideas, developed a unique expertise and know-how by completing over 300 projects. At PULSE our 120 digital experts with multidisciplinary skills work towards the same goal: to achieve yours! We look forward to turning your ideas into measurable success that meets your expectations.

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We are fully versed in web design, development and quality control tools and techniques to ensure a customer interface and experience that will generate revenue for your business. Creativity, focus on quality and customer care are in the DNA of

Frequently asked questions about digital marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also known as natural referencing, gathers all the techniques that allow you to position your website in the first organic results of search engines like Google. While SEA (Search Engine Advertising), also known as paid search, consists in creating paid advertisements to make your website appear in Google’s top search positions.

Digital channels are less expensive than traditional advertising channels. Moreover, it is possible to measure your performance very precisely. This enables you to control your budgets and to continuously optimise the results of your digital campaigns.

An increased presence on the biggest digital players! Google, the most used search engine, Facebook and Instagram, which are the 1st and 5th most used social networks in the world, and LinkedIn, the professional network par excellence.

Build customer loyalty with marketing automation! Marketing automation consists in creating scenarios to automate marketing actions, such as sending automated emails or offers to your most loyal customers, to your abandoned carts or to your qualified leads. These automations will save you a lot of time and you will be closer to your customers and prospects!

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« Listening to needs, proactive, geeky but above all organised/structured! We trust you to continue our development. »

« allowed us to outsource our digital marketing and took the challenge of managing all the campaigns through Google and social networks to bring in qualified leads and increase our business. Thank you again! »

« For more than 5 years, Mehdi and the PULSE team have been our privileged partners in the realization of our numerous digital projects. They are committed, reactive and ready to take on any challenge. »

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Our team looks forward to helping you develop your ambitions and dreams. You will be assigned a project manager with whom you will be in constant communication. Make the choice to go digital, take the plunge, contact us !

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