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For over 10 years, our passion and unique digital expertise have driven us to complete over 300 projects. At PULSE.digital, our 120 employees are at the cutting edge of technology and innovative ideas. We stay ahead of trends and have developed a unique expertise and know-how.

As a certified Salesforce agency, PULSE helps you drive a new digital era of productivity, development and success centred around the world’s leading CRM solutions. Our experts will assist you in your digital transformation by providing you with the very best implementation, business intelligence and analysis to support your needs and successfully achieve your CRM strategy and goals.

Looking for outsourcing solutions to help you carry out your Salesforce project? We offer connections to a pool of Salesforce experts and strategically cater to your specific needs.


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Hire a Salesforce developer

PULSE.digital provides you with Salesforce experts to optimise your business and drive your project into the digital era!

Hire a Salesforce Developer

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5x Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer

Each of our developers is a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer.

3x Salesforce Developer

Their Certifications :

Platform App Builder, Administrator, Platform Developer I, Sales Cloud Consultant

2x MuleSoft Consultant

They are both MuleSoft Developer Level 1 certified.

2x Salesforce Consultant

Their Certifications :

Administrator, Platform App Builder, Platform Developer I, JavaScript Developer I, Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, MuleSoft Developer

1x Salesforce Platform Specialist

Certified MuleSoft Developer Level 1 and Administrator.

1x Salesforce Functional Consultant

She is a certified Administrator and Platform App Builder.

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Frequently asked questions about hiring a Salesforce developer

A junior developer’s hourly rate may start at CHF 20, depending on the technology stack and his location. Prices then rise accordingly to scarcity and market demand. Our margins are fixed and we do not earn more with a senior than a junior! Potential price increases are always linked to the employees  formal request for a salary increase. 

If you are experiencing any difficulties with a specific expert, we will set up a replacement. We’ll present you with similar profiles and do everything we can to speed up the replacement process.

Minimum period of engagement is 3 months.

–       Do what you do best and outsource the rest.
–       Reduce digital service costs by more than 30%.
–       Diversify your development teams
–       Benefit from our expertise in the IT field
–       Flexibility to adapt to changing needs
–       Increased scalability

The recruitment process takes an average of 20 days, depending on your needs and the availability of our experts.

The people who work for you are also your employees. All meetings are possible either at your place or at ours. In our values, human contact is essential for a better quality of service. It is preferable that at least one meeting per year is organised according to the Client calendar.

The essential collaboration tools are Microsoft Teams and Outlook, but the client remains in control of the choice of tool to be used according to their internal organisation. We can also assist our clients in setting up development tools such as Github, Gitlab, Jira or Slack.