Multisite with WordPress

Do you have several sites? Opting for a multisite site is the best solution for your web management, as it saves you time and space, which is of great benefit to you. Ready to develop your multisite with WordPress?

I need a multisite

What is a multisite?

A multisite construction allows you to easily and efficiently manage several sites from a single interface thanks to its simplified and optimised website management. Other features include running all sub-domains under the same umbrella. Therefore, if you wish to have several sites or sub-domains, a multisite is the right solution for you.

Why have a multisite?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a multisite. Here are some examples:

You are a company or organisation with several divisions within your business.

Your company is internationally active, thus it must adapt its content and domain name extensions (.ch, .fr, .com, .de, etc.) to each country.

You are looking to optimise your company’s intranet management.

You have several sites and want to simplify their management? offers you a tailor-made solution in line with your ambitions.

Why entrust the creation of your multisite to develops and hosts multi-sites which are effortless to run and free of any technical problems. Our design process offers full optimisation and customisation.

We also deliver maintenance services to ensure that your multisite remains up to date with the latest technology and developments.

What is the cost of a multisite?

The cost of a multisite depends on many factors such as the number of sites, sub-domains as well as the number of pages on each website and their functionalities. As a result of these variants, we cannot give you an estimate, however we offer a FREE quote to discuss and analyse how we can help you develop your project.

What do you need to provide?

In order to kick start your project promptly, sending us your global sitemap is an ideal first step.

What is the timeframe for a multisite?

The timeframe will vary depending on the complexity and especially the size of your project. To give you a general idea, it should take up to 2 months for your multisite to be online.

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What are the advantages of a multisite?

Managing a multisite requires a single CMS installation. This saves a considerable amount of time as you will not have to switch from one interface to another to make changes to your websites. It will thus optimise the management of your web projects.

One hosting network means more space and, above all, lower costs! Indeed,hosting a multi-site is more cost effective than hosting your sites separately.

Maintenance on the CMS is faster. The various updates to your themes and plugins will need to be done on a single file system so that they can be applied to all your sites.

Let’s build your future multisite together

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