Improve your organic referencing on Google

You have a new website up and running, yet months have gone by and no user has visited it yet, sounds familiar? Your website’s visibility is essential to your business’s development and it is why the various digital marketing channels are vital for its success, organic referencing being the most important.

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What is organic referencing?

Organic referencing, also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of practices and techniques that consist in positioning your website and its pages in the first organic results on search engines.

These are methods that require patience and deliberate operations in order to reach the top positions.

Why is organic referencing important?

The click-through rate for first positions on Google is 34.36%, which means that when you are in the first position, you are getting 1/3 of the users at first glance. For a keyword earning 2000 monthly searches, that would give you 660 monthly users with a single keyword dedicated to a single page.

With these few figures, you can begin to imagine the power of SEO.

What are the deliverables we share with you?

–      A well-referenced site.

–      A site optimized for mobile and globally responsive.

–      An architecture that will delight search engines and users.

How long does it take to set up a successful organic referencing?

The time needed to set up a strong organic referencing is extremely important and is an ongoing project. SEO is a field which requires time investment, on a regular basis, to achieve a good ranking.

Time allocated to the project will also depend on your site and the number of pages. If the site is already online, we conduct an SEO audit to find out what the problems are and correct them. We estimate that implementing the measures take up to 2 weeks, whilst the search engine’s analysis and referencing will take place in the following weeks.

What does it cost to improve your SEO?

The costs vary depending on the needs and measures to be implemented in order to achieve your objectives. However, the cost starts at around CHF 1’600.-.

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How to improve your organic referencing?

The first thing to check is the indexability of your site. Indeed, if your site is de-indexed, it will simply not be indexed by the search engines and will not be able to be found on the pages of Google or its competitors.

A sitemap (site tree) makes it easier for robots to find all the pages. This way, they can scan your site more quickly and update it in searches as soon as new content is published.

A site should have as few 404 errors as possible so that Google and other search engines see it as qualitative for users. A 404 error is an error that indicates that the page was not found.

It is important to have a fast loading site as it has been observed that 50% of users leave your site after 3 seconds of waiting. This is emphasised on mobile as the user’s attention span is reduced.

HTML markup should structure your content. Your page should have a “title” tag, an “h1” tag, then “h2”, “h3” up to “h6” if necessary, and a meta description. The “title” tag represents the title of your page, the “h(n)” tags represent the main title then the subtitles and the meta description must give a short description of page’s content.
You must stay within the minimum and maximum number of characters, thus between 30 and 60 for the “title” tags, 70 and 155 for the meta descriptions and remain below 70 for the “h(n)” tags.

It is important to avoid images that are too heavy, which can increase the loading time of the page. It is therefore advisable to use JPEG images and/or to compress them.
It is important to avoid images that are too heavy, which can increase the loading time of the page. It is therefore advisable to use JPEG images and/or to compress them.
The “alt” attribute must be filled in for each image because Google cannot read images, it needs help understanding the context of the image. For the rest of the nomenclature, we advise you also give a title attribute and a file name that describes the purpose of the image.

Search engines increasingly prioritise mobile-friendly sites.

Having a netlinking and backlinking strategy is crucial to give power to your SEO. It is certainly the most tedious and time-consuming practice but one that pays off tremendously, if carried out correctly.

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