What is it?

MuleSoft is one of the world’s leading platforms for connecting application networks, data and devices to the cloud or to on-premise softwares through an API systems. In other words, it helps bring everything together to create a seamless and well orchestrated experience across all channels, teams, and departments. The Mulesoft technology stems from the customer’s desire for a unified and simplified connection with a business. So together, Salesforce and MuleSoft fulfil this need by unlocking valuable data across all systems to deliver a connected customer experience. Embrace this digital solution to meet new customer demands, whilst increasing revenue and optimising your workflow. Pulse.digital has the expertise to integrate your systems and drive efficiency across your business to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-moving, competitive world.

What are the advantages?

  1. Increase productivity

This open technology promotes modularity, recyclability and synergy, thus enhancing productivity. Additionally to being flexible, the platform is also stress-free, meaning you can navigate it easily so your team can cut out all the unnecessary tasks to focus on doing business.

  1. Happy customers

Providing superior service is crucial to stay ahead of competition. Through Mulesoft, you can access customer data in a single location, improving the way you sell to existing and potential customers and the way you serve them, resulting in happier clients.

  1. Improved agility

Mulesoft is an embeddable solution platform, enabling you to fit it to any sort of network currently installed within your business. Besides, as the architecture is flexible, it can evolve with your business, increasing agility and workflow.

  1. Increase your overall ROI 

Mulesoft is a stress-free platforms that has been developed to be integrated in a fast and easy way. Since the installation and configuration are faster, you can save money on hefty implementation processes and get straight to business! Reusable building blocks will also increase the developer’s efficiency as they can recycle code works and engage in other productive activities.