What is it?

Ensure your e-commerce success with Commerce Cloud by creating personalised and engaging experiences for every customer. Widely considered to be the most performing retailer tool available, it offer seamless experiences by using data and intelligence. Let Pulse lead the way to your digital success.

What are the advantages?

  1. Personalised way of shopping

Commerce Cloud enables your customer to curate their own shopping experience by having control over their delivery, preferred payment method or product returns, among many others. Your customers navigates a streamline process with flexible options to make the shopping enjoyable and easy.

  1. 360° interaction

Create a holistic and personalised omnichannel experiences across all channels. By connecting Salesforce’s ecommerce platform with other Salesforce products, you get a 360° insight of all your customer and build long-lasting relationships with your customer.

  1. Increasing success

Thanks to a wide range of tools, Commerce Cloud delivers engaging experiences and builds innovative campaigns and promotions to increase revenue. Whilst its artificial intelligence capabilities enable personalised recommandations for each customer.