What is it?

Unlock a whole new scope of productivity for your sales, marketing and customer service teams thanks to Sales Cloud. This software solution gives your employees a head start by providing them with all the information required to truly understand their current or potential clients. With Sales Cloud, the data generated through sales and marketing actions is collected and organised on a single platform to improve business processes, identify sales opportunities and optimise customer lifecycles. PULSE is your expert Ito drive your Salesforce project and make the whole process easy for all your team members.

What are the advantages?

  1. intelligence

Optimise employee workflow by integrating artificial intelligence directly into your sales process with Salesforce Einstein. As the data generated through sales and marketing actions is automatically collected into one platform, you get direct access to important insights and customer activities.

  1. Productivity

Synonymous with ‘ease of use’, Sales Cloud is simple and fuss-free. It cuts out all the unnecessary tasks so you get focus on doing business.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Sales Cloud increases business performance. By monitoring every open opportunity, Sales Cloud analyses each customer’s specific journey in real time to deliver discounts, products or set prices and automatically generate actions that will successfully close deals.

  1. Grow your business

product pricing to generating documents, and contract renewal to payments, create an optimised process focus on productivity and efficiency.