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We provide nearshore developers

Do what you do best, and outsource the rest. Save up to 40% of your development budget by hiring our nearshore developers. 

By 2030, the Swiss economy will need about 120,000 additional skilled professionals in the IT field, according to Adecco last year.

March 7, 2024 


of companies choose software development outsourcing to reduce costs. 30%


of productivity is boosted by using outsourced development teams.


of companies outsource to gain skills and technologies that are not accessible internally.

How does it work?


Needs Analysis

We analyze your staffing needs. 


Developer Proposal

We select and propose profiles to help you achieve your goals. 



You interview the developers that interest you. 


Engagement and collaboration

Once the selection is made and the contracts are established, the collaboration begins. 

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Our Talent Solution

Talent at is not just a product. It’s a promise of digital transformation, offering access to highly qualified developers and specialized IT teams. Whether for a one-time need or a long-term project, our Talent solution adapts to your requirements, providing flexibility, expertise, and innovation. Our mission is to act as an extension of your team, bringing you the skills and expertise you need to succeed, without the constraints of traditional hiring. 

Our Areas of Expertise

A Bridge between Switzerland and Morocco

The choice of collaboration between Switzerland and Morocco leverages a common cultural and linguistic heritage. This proximity facilitates the integration of our talents into your teams, ensuring perfect synergy and mutual understanding from day one. 

Thanks to nearly identical time zones, we guarantee real-time communication and smooth coordination with your dedicated team. This synchronization promotes quick decision-making and efficient project advancement. 

Financial Transparency and Resource Optimization

At, financial transparency is paramount. We offer complete visibility into our cost structure, allowing you to plan accurately and confidently, without fear of unexpected budget overruns. 

Our pricing model is designed to offer you the best value for money. By combining high-quality services with competitive costs, we help you optimize your investments, allowing you to allocate more resources to innovation and growth. 

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