I am a software engineer with a primary focus on the Salesforce ecosystem. My passion for FrontEnd development consistently yields remarkable results in the projects I undertake. Over the course of my career, I’ve honed a strong technical acumen, an analytical mindset, and managerial capabilities. Through several freelance projects, I’ve cultivated the ability to effectively communicate with clients, understand their requirements, and enhance our working relationship. I pride myself on my capacity to digitize any real-world scenario into an IT system and accurately replicate any UX design into a responsive front-end application, ensuring every detail is perfect. I relish problem-solving; every challenge is an opportunity for me, and I persist until I’ve identified the most optimal solution. One of my notable contributions was on a significant non-profit project for an international organization dedicated to combating blood cancer and related conditions, where I deepened my understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem and further refined my skills.