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« THIS IS » Ernest Igwe Benson

This is Ernest Igwe Benson, one of the best Tech-leads we have at PULSE. Thanks for being part of the team !!

How did you land here ?

I graduated in 2018 from l’ESMA. I was looking for a job. Meanwhile I tried couple of companies and moved away couple of times. I guess the heat wasn’t there and I knew better what I didn’t want more than what I actually wanted from a company . You only picture yourself half way at the start when you graduate. For me I knew I wanted heart beats that would mark a beginning of greatness.
I knew Youssef -the managing director- through a friend who was almost hired for my current position but left finally so I was introduced and interviewed in rush to start quickly. I don’t think that I ever had the time or enough hindsight to really consider the responsibilities I was given. I was barely flirting with the professional world of the industry and couple of months later I land in the middle of colossal series of breaking waves up to 30m and the only option was to swim fast and good, very good. I think you push yourself to that whether you are a good swimmer or someone who had never been to the sea. I was given a project belonging to a very important international client and I was the second person hired in the Moroccan team. Things got very complex and sophisticated quickly, nobody to hide behind, We had to show high quality work and from that the new challenge was to maintain the quality, relevance and competitiveness along the team in that situation anyone newly hired. So part of the responsibilities was to hire new people, train them to perform heroic work in grim circumstances. I could say that in one year I knew of myself what I probably wouldn’t know in years of experience.

What’s your current job in pulse?

I’m a full stack engineer and a technical lead. My responsibilities are mostly developing new features, reviewing code, fix bugs, troubleshoot problems or questions when there’s any and of course provide technical guidance in my team. I make sure the communication flows technically and otherwise between the people in the team. We learned how to be autonomous and it had to happen fast but it wasn’t always the case. The team now is getting larger and we can tell that they have all the assistance they need to stay focused and overcome their weaknesses. It’s a swim or die job!

What do you think of Pulse as a young company ?

Well, in this industry the only thing that matters really is knowledge and a feet away; its smart application. I think at Pulse they re very aware of this because they haven’t borrowed any knowledge, they just found out their own by sequential experience. Now Pulse’s culture gets you in that mindset without teaching it really. This is the most powerful quality at this firm. Pulse is growing for sure, and it gets more and more trusted by giant corporations, the future is smiling for sure. The challenge here would be to keep up with its culture because that’s what’s going to get us there!