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« This is » Soumia El Madhoune

This is” Soumia El Madhoune .. The first girl in a men’s world

How did you know about Pulse ?

I had a friend from my previous occupation who joined before, and who couldn’t stop talking about how thrilling and exciting it is to work with pulse especially handling international projects with big partners, in October 2019 I decided to take the challenge and start a journey as a employee.

Would you describe your mission with Pulse?

Joining Pulse means joining a big and growing family. I’m a PHP full stack consultant, providing a full range of services concerning web development, from the back-end PHP development and coding to frontend design.
I had the chance to work on massive projects on the last 2 years, and I appreciated a lot how captivating it is to meet different people each time, to discover new technologies and develop my knowledge and skills as much as I can and adapting all of it with each project requirements and needs.
I admit that I have learned a lot, I grew professionally and personally, I’m grateful to have had the help of all of my colleagues and superiors, knowing that I didn’t have much experience before and that I had chosen an industry known of its masculinity.
Being the first girl to be recruited was scary, it put on my toes on my first days, the synergy of the team surprised me and allowed me to feel confortable and to know that I’m in good hands.
How do you feel working for Pulse?

I honestly love the atmosphere here, we feel independent and responsible but we have a great frame, I was fully mentored and coached to reach this independence. What I appreciate most is the easy access and fluide communication we have with the administration, I feel heard and understood and mostly taken care of. The environment created is focused on the human value and this criteria is a really the core of every inside process which allows me to have the Pulse spirit.