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The design of your web project must follow certain codes in order to boost the user experience, thus keeping up with top web design trends and standards is crucial for the success of your website.

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Why is web design important?

When a user visits your website, its design sets a first impression. An attractive layout, in line with your company’s image, will enhance their experience.

However, beautiful photos and videos are not enough to optimise your website! It is essential that all your content (texts, images, videos, buttons, etc.) is organised in order to simplify your website’s navigation.

At PULSE, we like to tackle new challenges and learn more about your business. Our expertise, combined with our passion, allow us to find a solution to each of your ideas.

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Why entrust us with the design of your website?

Digital compliance is changing every day. At PULSE, our 120 employees are at the cutting edge of technology and innovative ideas. We stay ahead of trends and have developed a unique expertise and know-how by completing over 300 projects. We look forward to turning your ideas into outstanding design.

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What is our web design process?

1. Meeting

Every project starts with a meeting to identify your expectations and needs.

2. Analysis and offer

We analyse your request and make you an offer in line with your needs.

3. Creating a model

We assemble your content in order to create a first draft.

4. Delivery of the final web design

Once the final version of the web design is validated, we hand you over the completed project, including your illustrations and content.

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Please provide us with your contact details tell us about your project, we will be delighted to offer you a solution that suits your needs!

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Our team looks forward to helping you develop your ambitions and dreams. You will be assigned a project manager with whom you will be in constant communication. Make the choice to go digital, lay the first stone to your success by contacting us!
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Frequently asked questions about web design

What is the difference between UI and UX Design?

Here are the definitions: UI = User Interface / UX = User experience. The UI concerns the graphic environment of a website. In other words, if the UI Design is neglected, you won’t have a nice website. UX refers to the user experience. The ultimate goal is to simplify navigation and interaction with your products and services in the best way possible. Your website must be designed to appeal to your users.

What does web design include?

Web design services vary according to your needs. For example, dynamic prototyping offers the possibility to simulate your final site. This enables you to navigate on the pages and visualise the various contents to have a precise idea of the result. It is also possible to create a simulation on web and mobile applications. Additionally, our team can work on redesigning your website or creating it from scratch. This process includes the UI/UX design of your web project.

What are the current trends in web design?

Nowadays, many designers opt for the creation of typographic main banners. Simplicity is key here : A good typography combined with an impactful title will attract the eye more so than a simple illustration. 

Moreover, 3D designs, animated texts or non-animated images are increasingly used to generate a unique visit. Captivating interactions such as GIFs or special effects are also widely used. They frequently appear when clicking or simply when scrolling through content. They allow you to create a real experience specific to your corporate universe.

What should I look out for?

Today, more than half of all web users are on mobile devices. Adapting all your content is therefore crucial to ensure a memorable experience on your website : we call this the responsive format and it must operational on desktop, mobile and application formats. In addition to improving the user experience, a good responsive design will also boost your performance on search engines.