Determined innovators, we forge trusted relationships by uniting alents and technologies for a bold digital future.

Your digital partner, not a web agency

In an ever-evolving digital world, stands out with its unique approach. We do not see ourselves as a digital agency, but as a true digital partner for our clients. Our mission is to act as an extension of your team, providing the skills and expertise you need to succeed, without the constraints of traditional hiring. 

Our story

From a classic agency to the revolution of team extension’s journey began in 2013, when we opened our doors as a “classic” digital agency. Driven by a passion for technology and a commitment to delivering top-notch digital solutions, we quickly made our mark on the Swiss digital landscape. Our transformation took a decisive turn in 2018. Listening to the needs of our colleagues and partners, who expressed the desire to “rentour talents based in Morocco, we innovated our business model to offer team extension services. This evolution has enabled us to bridge the gap between the growing technological needs of Swiss companies and access to exceptional global talents. In 2020, we took another step forward with the creation of This initiative underscores our commitment not only to providing highly skilled talent to our clients but also to investing in the training and development of these talents. The Academy allows us to ensure that our team remains at the forefront of innovation and technical skills, thus strengthening our ability to support the digital ambitions of our partners. Today, is recognized as a strategic partner for a variety of businesses, from dynamic startups to large corporations, including innovative creative agencies. Our unique team extension model, combined with our training academy, ideally positions us to meet the digital challenges of tomorrow. 

Our mission


We build bridges between talents and technologies, ensuring a perfect harmony between your needs and the most avant-garde solutions. 


Our team, driven by an unshakable passion for digital, constantly explores new horizons to provide you with cutting-edge technology solutions. 


Excellence is our creed. We are committed to delivering projects that not only meet your needs but surpass them, setting new standards of quality. 

Our Products

Tailored Digital Solutions

At, we offer a comprehensive range of products designed to meet all
your development, marketing, and project management needs.
Here is an overview of our main products:


Extend your teams with our highly qualified developers and IT experts, ready to integrate into your team to successfully complete your projects. 

Smart Team

Benefit from a complete and multidisciplinary team, including an account manager, for maximum flexibility and expertise on all your projects. 


Custom websites, ranging from simple solutions to complex developments, to maximize your online presence. 


Creation of tailor-made e-commerce platforms, designed to optimize the online shopping experience and boost your sales. 


Development of innovative mobile and web applications to engage your users and enhance your service offerings. 

Digital Marketing

Targeted digital marketing strategies, including SEO, SEA, and much more, to increase your visibility and engagement. 

Our values at

Passion guides us: It fuels our curiosity and desire to innovate. Every project is an opportunity to put our enthusiasm at the service of your success. 

United in effort: We believe in the strength of teamwork. Your vision, combined with our expertise, leads to exceptional results. 

A promise of consistency: Our commitment to reliability means you can always count on us to deliver with precision and punctuality. 

Openness and honesty: Transparency is essential for building trusted relationships. We communicate in a way that avoids surprises and misunderstandings. 

Balance and growth: We encourage a healthy balance between professional and personal life, fostering a space where everyone can grow and flourish. 

They trust us

Notre équipe

Qui propulse vos projets

Our team

Who propels your projects 

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