The digital illustration, not only beautiful but also optimal to attract prospects and customers

The digital illustration, not only beautiful but also optimal to attract prospects and customers

It’s time to pay attention. At the beginning of the 21st century, the visual sense is particularly solicited, whether it is paper or screen information, images are everywhere and are there to capture your attention. They tie your mind to the messages they wish to convey. They want a bit of your time, a precious time. The capitalism of attention is essentially through the eyes and that’s why illustration creatives have a huge role to play in the digital development of a company. And for good reason, digital is uniquely represented by their work whose end product is fundamentally tied to digital aesthetics.

The constraints of digital illustrations

Digital illustrations for businesses in the context of B-to-B collaboration are subject to a number of constraints in order to ensure a pleasant user experience as well as optimum effectiveness in focusing the attention of customers.

Every visual must be dynamic. What does this mean? It means that each of the illustrations must fit on all screen formats, from smartphones to laptops to the latest TV sets. Furthermore, a visual that does not reflect the company’s values and the quality of the products or services offered is not a good visual.

Multiple creative possibilities with digital illustrations

Today, different development techniques allow for direct interaction with the user, so the creative possibilities are becoming more and more effective. Whether it is notifications, live chat and video, QR codes to access features, the competition is fierce and keeps finding new creative solutions. This is why hiring profiles that are destined for digital creation or working with freelancers is a real added value for your business.

Providing a common basis for work

However, for such collaboration to be truly useful and effective, the entrepreneur or project manager must provide a common working base where each actor (project manager, illustrator, developer, client) can be truly active. We are talking about structured meetings, but also an online space, via software, which allows everyone to speak. Coordination is essential because it is what allows each link in the work chain to evolve in the best possible conditions.

At, we try to follow this direction at all costs. Of course, each project is unique and requires constant adaptation and questioning of the quality of our productions. To find out more about the web design services we offer, here are some examples: Dynamic website prototypeDynamic prototypes for web & mobile applicationsWebsite designUI/UX design for web and mobile.

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