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The WELTKERN® website was designed by NIZAR KAZAN + CO, we worked for Nizar Kazan himself. Indeed, the main challenge was first to set up a front-end to match the graphic requirements imagined by Nizar Kazan. We developed this custom-made project, inch by inch, with a great deal of finesse and visuals. Then, we developed this E-commerce shop using WooCommerce and its numerous plugins. User account creation, points system, font sales and testing, club, physical products, are just a few of the many features that make up the WELTKERN® website.


The WELTKERN® website has a multitude of features, such as the implementation of a points system allowing you to pay with points. An account creation allowing to find the purchases made. The sale and testing of fonts. The development of WooCommerce modules in order to be able to edit different shipping dates. Different statuses per product type. Dynamic and complex filters. All the features you could wish for are available on this site.

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