3/15/2019 is having a data master in its team ! is having a data master in its team!

There’s a funny quote from Edwards Deming that says “In god we trust but all others must bring data.” It’s fascinating how every single information must be run by data. In Africa the data field is giving a massive outpouring of professional opportunities.

Some of you might not be familiar with Big Data Engineer university launched by Africa Data Lab which basically suggests an intensive professional training dedicated to data jobs, developing your competences and aptitudes via data experts that coach you and manage the most effective and adapted program for you without leaving your job.

Big Data Engineer university has just announced their first graduates and Pulse digital is in turn proudly announcing that one of them is part of its beautiful team. We are so proud of Badr Arrabatchou who’s an excellent team member of Pulse Digital.

We will always challenge our employees to be the best version of themselves.