Our Academy service is a win-win proposition for both students and businesses.

Academy members follow tailored programs, sharpening specific tech skills while working on real-world projects.

Welcome to PULSE.academy, where we nurture the IT development talents of tomorrow. We take pride in mentoring graduating students, providing them with training, and connecting them with companies in search of brilliant and passionate talents.

Looking to undertake an affordable IT development project? Give our Academy service a try.

What is the deal?

Our Academy service is designed to offer a win-win solution for both students and companies.


For students, we provide valuable work experience, the opportunity to work on real projects, and a chance to be noticed by potential employers.


For companies, we offer access to cost-effective IT development talents. Moreover, upon completion of the Academy, you have the option to hire the student for their first job.


It’s an efficient and economical way to accomplish your IT projects while giving young talents a chance.

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