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You can find a qualified developer in all major technologies. Our talents are skilled in the most used and effective areas. You can interview them to make sure they meet all your needs. Don’t wait any longer!

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We’re digital experts ourselves, so we are well-equipped to understand your real recruitment needs. We offer tailored connections to a deep talent pool, be it through our academy or agency platform, to assist you to succeed in your most ambitions digital projects.

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Frequently asked questions about hiring a developer

A junior developer’s hourly rate may start at CHF 20, depending on the technology stack and his location. Prices then rise accordingly to scarcity and market demand. Our margins are fixed and we do not earn more with a senior than a junior! Potential price increases are always linked to the employees  formal request for a salary increase. 

If you are experiencing any difficulties with a specific talent, we will set up a replacement. We’ll present you with similar profiles and do everything we can to speed up the replacement process.

Minimum period of engagement is 3 months.

There are many advantages to outsourcing. First and foremost, outsourcing allows a company to focus solely on its core business. Entrusting the companies digital scope to experts brings real added value to future-proof your success. Finally, outsourcing provides a view and control over the costs of the service. In addition to being precise and adapted to needs, outsourcing represents a cost reduction policy for companies.

The recruitment process takes an average of 20 days, depending on your needs and the availability of our talent.

It is possible to meet our talents from Switzerland, Morocco and Senegal. For instance, we have previously organised for clients to bring in talents for company outings.

We mainly use Microsoft Teams and Outlook for quick communication. As far as development tools are concerned, we use Github and Gitlab.