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Why make a website with WordPress?

You may have already heard of the WordPress CMS, but let us refresh your memory by telling you about its advantages and clarifying the definition of a CMS (Content Management System). Simply put, a CMS allows users to create content from a web interface.

Currently, WordPress accounts for 40% of the websites published online on the market. It is therefore the most popular CMS in the world! It is perfectly suited to any type of project and is a great opportunity to create a showcase site.

At, we do our utmost to create tailor-made websites that meet your expectations and those of the current market!

WordPress strongest feature is natural referencing. WordPress has been designed with the objective of boosting website SEO by offering modern plugins to work on its referencing to get you on Google’s first research page.

What features should be implemented on a WordPress site?

Various features can be installed to generate interaction and engagement. The UX Design of a website should be as optimised as possible to simplify the customer journey for a user.

Internet users don’t like to feel lost and the information should jump out at them ! In order to avoid this, we design features adapted to your services. Let’s discuss some of them:

A responsive contact form, for example, is essential to create a simple first exchange with your prospects. Many companies dream of creating a community with their customers. We add, for example, sharing buttons to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and a call-to-action button or pop-up window to subscribe to a newsletter.

Reassuring your future and current customers in their decisions is vital too. With the help of rating and review systems under your services, purchasing decisions will be made easier.

The integration of a CAPTCHA test will ensure the security of your website. Finally, we can also address a simplified aspect of localisation by pointing your business to a map directly linked to Google.

How much does a WordPress website cost?

You will find a multitude of offers, some lower or higher than others. How to make the difference? In today’s competitive digital age, it is necessary to entrust your web project to professionals in order to ensure its success.

The price of a WordPress website takes into consideration a number of important factors and may vary depending on the size of the site, a custom design, a possible migration from another CMS, the features to be implemented or maintenance.

To conduct the project efficiently, a wide range of professions such as copywriters, developers, designers and marketers are required. According to our experience and depending on the number of skills required, our projects start from CHF 5’000.

How long does it take to create a WordPress website?

The complexity and size of your project will affect production time. At the agency, we consider that a website built with Drupal requires a minimum of 4 weeks of production to be optimal.

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We are fully versed in web design, development and quality control tools and techniques to ensure a customer interface and experience that will generate revenue for your business. Creativity, focus on quality and customer care are in the DNA of

What are the advantages of WordPress?

Downloading the interface is completely free and therefore does not incur any annual WordPress licensing costs. Depending on your needs, some plugins may however come with additional fees.

There are more than 50’000 extensions to choose from, each designed by a large community of developers and offering a wide range of options. 

Updates to a CMS are essential for an optimal development in today’s ever-expanding web. This is one of the platform’s major assets as it regularly updates its system and plugins to remain efficient and secure.

At Pulse, we take care of setting up, creating and publishing your WordPress website. Once these 3 steps have been completed, you can easily add new content to your site without any coding knowledge. Thanks to the numerous theme builders in the CMS, you can manage your new publications easily. We are however always available for your maintenance requests or changes requiring a more in-depth technical knowledge.

Specialised in website security, we offer a maintenance and security subscription to ensure that your performance on the web is guaranteed. In addition, a large community of developers is constantly sharing online the latest tips and developments.

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