Data Engineer

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Job Offer: Data Engineer

To create and maintain the business’s technical data management environment, you will collaborate closely with the engineering department and computer systems.


  • Ensure that the current system is being monitored and that its performance and integrity are maintained (version upgrades, testing, automation, etc…)
  • Ensure the data’s integrity and safety.
  • Manage data exploitation issues (slowness, restoration, archiving, volume, etc.), and suggest and put into practice corrective measures.
  • Encourage developers to use databases as efficiently as possible (Slow queries, Indexes, Structure, Architecture)
  • Make technical suggestions for improving application volumes, performance, and scalability (architecture, NoSQL, database engine, search engine …)
  • Implement tools that will make the company’s use of data easier.
  • Participate actively in developing and implementing the roadmap on data topics.
  • Monitor on data technologies and encourage team adoption of them.
  • Stack

  • Mysql
  • MongoDb
  • Elasticsearch
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • PHP8
  • Koltin / Android
  • K8S
  • Docker
  • Git / Gitlab
  • Requirements:

  • Masters Degree from a computer science school
  • Very good knowledge of computer technologies, computer engineering and data modeling.
  • + 3 years of proven experience in database management (MYSQL, NoSQL, etc.), architecture, volume or complexity issues.
  • Good knowledge of ETL/LET data manipulation solutions and Web development.
  • Curiousity, team work and great communication skills
  • Fluent French / Upper intermediate English
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