Mobile Application

riyad-mahrez-logo-application-mobile and Katapult SA have merged their expertise to design RM26, a bespoke mobile application for Riyad Mahrez, the glittering star of global football. This pioneering initiative reflects Mahrez’s commitment to forging a more intimate and interactive connection with his global fan base, transcending the conventional boundaries of fan engagement.


Mobile Application with Flutter

Objectives and Needs

RM26 was born from a vision: to bring Riyad Mahrez closer to his fans, revealing the hidden facets of his professional and personal life. The application revolves around a dual objective: to provide authentic and free content for all, while offering a premium layer of exclusive services.


From live streaming key moments of his career to personalized responses to fans’ questions, the application is an open window into Mahrez’s universe, offering an immersive experience – a true Fan 3.0 experience.

Development Process

The development of RM26 has been an adventure guided by agility and innovation. By adopting a Scrum methodology, crafted an initial prototype, evolving over time to incorporate sophisticated features in response to emerging needs.


The choice of Flutter for development ensured optimal performance and adaptability across various mobile platforms, while JIRA facilitated smooth and responsive project management. The UI/UX design, meticulously crafted on Figma, reflects sleek modernity and flawless accessibility, drawing inspiration from best practices to offer an unprecedented user experience.

Key Features

RM26 unlocks a range of exclusive content, from behind-the-scenes insights into Mahrez’s life to direct interactions with fans. This suite of services, including private video calls and personalized messages, revolutionizes the way fans interact. It’s an invitation to enter an exclusive circle, offering an unparalleled sense of belonging to the supporter community. The overarching idea, beyond the app, is to provide an active community for Riyad Mahrez: being part of a club, seeing each other, exchanging ideas about his universe, creating fan events.


Riyad Mahrez and his team wanted to have everything necessary to interact with the community. Thus, the app includes all the features of a classic social network: posts, shares, comments, live in “story” format, etc. The content is divided into 2 parts: “free” content that everyone can see, and “premium” features.

Subscriptions and Benefits

The subscription structure of RM26 is designed to cater to all levels of enthusiasm and engagement. From free access to Ultra VIP, each tier offers increasing benefits, from discounts on paid services to invitations to exclusive events, highlighting the desire to reward fan loyalty and enrich their experience.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the most complex technical challenges was the integration of live streaming, a crucial feature for real-time engagement.


We found a solution after conducting preliminary research on the best solutions to successfully implement this premium feature, ensuring smooth and engaging live broadcasts.

Marketing and Communication

Once the development of the app was completed, another significant aspect concerned the communication surrounding the app. Indeed, it was necessary to define a strategy to reach potential future users. The primary target was the large community of Riyad Mahrez on social networks.


Thus, we had to define a communication strategy that matched the football player and, most importantly, presented the project in the best possible way to his community. We decided on the creation of 3 visual concepts, including 2 teasers, to conclude with the launch of the app, featuring Riyad Mahrez speaking directly to the camera. This was supported by stories.


However, reaching a broad audience and converting them can be challenging. The message had to be clear and precise to maximize the number of app installations. To simplify access to the app, we created a dedicated landing page where it can be downloaded. The texts, visuals, and all communication means were meticulously crafted to match as closely as possible what Mahrez’s fans could expect from him. Download the application


The project was very significant and mobilized many resources at We encountered unique challenges and grew a lot from them. By anticipating future improvements based on user feedback, the application is destined for continuous evolution.


We wish to continue on this trajectory and already have some projects in the same style with the same scope that we are eager to share. This is how the success of RM26 has inspired the creation of, an ambitious start-up aiming to replicate this model for other influential personalities. a créé l’application mobile de Migros Vaud pour leur jeu concours des 75 ans. Découvrez comment l’app a été créée ici. a développé le multi site de Nordic Pharma Group dans toutes les langues de leurs filiales. Découvrez la construction du projet.