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Having an e-commerce sales channel is a fundamental asset in today’s society. Our teams have the expertise to make your future online shop truly profitable. When do we start?

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What is an e-commerce website?

An e-commerce website contains the following major functionality: selling products or services directly online.

The digital age is at its peak and it is now almost essential for many types of businesses to move into e-commerce. So why not you?

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Why make an e-commerce?

Today, 9 out of 10 Swiss people go online and search on the internet every day. The main reason to create an online shop is to be open 24/7 when your physical shop is closed.

This simplified sales process appeals to the majority of buyers. In figures, e-commerce generates around 4 billion dollars a year. This sales technique has proven to be beneficial for every size of business.

The number of e-commerce websites has exploded since the Covid-19 health crisis. Companies have quickly realised the importance of an online presence. Indeed, a website is a virtual business card. If it is well referenced and informed, users will quickly take an interest in your business.

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Why use WooCommerce?

The WooCommerce extension was developed for small and large businesses to create and manage their e-commerce on WordPress. This open source extension, therefore free, represents 70 million online shops.

Its many additional extensions, which are not free of charge, allow you to customise the layout of your e-commerce site from A to Z. Its simplicity of use has greatly contributed to its success.

WooCommerce is responsible for more than 20% of the world’s e-commerce sites. This makes it the most widely used online shop creation platform in the world.

Based on WordPress, its main advantage lies in the optimization of natural referencing thanks to the modules present on the CMS. The updates are very easy to make unlike other online shop extensions.

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What are the features of WooCommerce?

Payment methods

Payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfers or cash on delivery are integrated into WooCommerce. By installing the "Stripe Payment Gateway" plugin, you can add the traditional Visa, MasterCard and American Express. An infinite number of payment methods are also available and, in some cases, require contracts and a fee for plugin installation. 

Optimised themes

Do you want to appear Google’s first search result page? WooCommerce is the perfect choice. The platform offers themes that are optimised for the performance, SEO and UX design of your e-commerce site.

Multilingual option

Your website’s translation is decidedly simplified, and no additional modules are required. WooCommerce manages everything directly on their platform with around a hundred languages available. It is then simple to activate the multilingualism and to work on the different articles and contents. The management interface is also available in French to simplify usage for French speakers.

Marketing and promotions

Many features are available to boost sales and marketing. You can personalise your products or services by simply modifying images, stock and content in the management page. You can also create discount coupons, set up automated emailing to inform your customers of restocked items or showcase bestsellers on your homepage. 


WooCommerce’s advanced customisation is highly competitive. You can choose your design and the presentation of your items using an adjustable template and create modules to sort products by various criteria. Another noteworthy example is the order delivery notification, which you may  modify to suit your needs. In addition, you can make various changes to your website without them appearing online immediately by checking the "in maintenance" option.

What are the steps to create an e-commerce shop with WooCommerce?


Every project starts with a meeting! Over a coffee in our offices or during a call with you, our role will be to determine your expectations and needs for the creation of your e-commerce site with WooCommerce.

Analysis and offer

We make you an offer according to the established form in order to meet your needs.


To show you the intended design, we deliver a visual mock-up of your project and collect your feedback.

Functional website

We implement the functionalities to a live prototype to check that they correspond perfectly to your project.


We develop your webshop from scratch, adding products if necessary. Alternatively, we set up a user manual to enable you to make your own modifications.

Online and maintenance

We deploy your website to ensure seamless accessibility and security. We also partner with Infomaniak and OVHcloud hosting services and offer maintenance and upgrading solutions.

Digital marketing

We have a digital marketing team ready to assist you in the development and launch of a digital strategy to ensure the success of your project.

How much does an e-commerce website with WooCommerce cost?

The price varies according to the size and the services provided. However, for a complete e-commerce website created with WooCommerce, prices start from CHF 6’000.

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What do I need to prepare?

The elements required for an e-commerce site are your product sheets, your catalogue, the contents of your site as well as the information about you and your shop. We then take care of creating your custom-made e-commerce site by implementing your information to the design which meets your wishes.

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What is the timeframe for an e-commerce site with WooCommerce?

As with any project, the time required to create your WooCommerce site will depend on its scope. Generally speaking, you can expect a launch date within 3 months.

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