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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Notion #3 : a tool for the automation process

In our previous article, we presented (among others) the main features that can be deployed on Notion. With the release of its API in May 2021, Notion is now pushing the list of features even further. From now on, it is possible to connect the tool to third party applications such as Typeform, Gmail or Google Calendar. We will explain in detail what is possible in terms of automation on Notion.

The API concept

An API is an English term meaning “Application Programming Interface” and translated into French, it means “Interface de Programmation d’Application”.
An API is a computer protocol capable of connecting all applications with each other. In effect, they will be able to communicate, send and receive data between them.

Today, there are already many applications on the market that can be used to exchange data with each other. This is notably the case for social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, which allow the publication of their content on various platforms to be scheduled in advance, thanks to their API.

Notion APIs and the “no code” principle

Generally, it is advisable to have technical skills in order to use an API.
However, once an API is made available, IT specialists can come and deploy it to do what is necessary once and thus give the possibility to a normal user to use the functionality.

Notion is one of those tools that can be described as “no-code”: that is, the application does not require any code to synchronise it with different services.

Solutions for automating tasks with Notion

It is possible to create task automations between the Notion space and third-party applications such as Zapier or (two competing sites).

We can take the case of Zapier, which allows us to create a “zap”, thus triggering a particular scenario on this tool as soon as an action is taken on another tool. In this context, we can very well ask it to update our agenda in Notion as soon as an event is created or edited in Google Calendar.


Thanks to the APIs, Notion demonstrates that it is possible to reach the limits of what is possible in terms of automation!
Even if the web is full of tutorials to help you create your automations, you might prefer to delegate this task to us. has the advantage of having complete control over the process of linking your Notion account to third party applications such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Slack, Salesforce and many others. We would be happy to discuss with you which tasks you could automate to save you valuable time.
For this, do not hesitate to call on our experts!

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